¿About us?

We are a Muscovy and Beijing duck breeding farm, we elaborate duck craft products. In the petite ferme Our ducks are raised in freedom and in the open air. We produce handmade products with ducks raised on our farm. We are 100% handmade, we follow traditional recipes free of additives and artificial preservatives.

Our aging is long lasting approximately 14 weeks, from there they receive a controlled diet based on cooked corn, traditional method of fattening free of medicines and hormones, adapted to the highest hygiene and health requirements to achieve optimal conditions for their consumption . We pack to the high vacuum. Our production is limited, so our priority is quality and service.

Products on sale

Foies gras
Thigh confit
Duck Serrano
Pâté de fois 120 ml bottle
Breast rigette 120 ml

For more information visit: www.lapetiteferme.com.mx